Back in the 1960s, courtesy of Capitol Records executive Dave Dexter, Jr., American Beatles fans bought different records and often heard very different mixes to those enjoyed by their British counterparts: ones bathed in reverb and converted into fake stereo “with the assistance” of Mr. Dexter.

Those mixes have long since been eliminated from the catalogue, but they’re back with a vengeance in this show—and subjected to the scrutiny of Messrs. Taros, Buskin, Bartock and Kozinn as they discuss the pros, cons, and marketing strategies behind these alternately popular and egregious alterations to The Beatles’ music. What emerges is information that will enlighten listeners on both sides of the Atlantic—while jolting them with juxtaposed U.S. and U.K. mixes of some legendary tracks.

The Music

  • ‘Thank You Girl’
  • ‘I’ll Get You’
  • ‘I Call Your Name’
  • ‘You Can’t Do That’
  • ‘The Word’
  • ‘I’m Looking Through You’
  • ‘And I Love Her’
  • ‘She Loves You’
  • ‘Help!’
  • ‘She’s a Woman’
  • ‘I Feel Fine’
  • ‘I’m Only Sleeping’
  • ‘And Your Bird Can Sing’
  • ‘Doctor Robert’
  • ‘That Means a Lot’
  • ‘Long Tall Sally’
  • ‘Roll Over Beethoven’

The Playlist